Use Payment in a Sentence, How to use “Payment” in a sentence


Use Payment in a sentence. How to use the word Payment in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Payment. Sentence for Payment.

Use Payment in a Sentence - How to use "Payment" in a sentence

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Examples of payment in a sentence

  1. You have only 2 days in order to make the payment.
  2. Tip; a small gift of money for service, usually in addition to payment due.
  3. The subordination of the magistrates is intended to supply a means of control; but the law also requires regular payment of officers.
  4. On top of that, GoFundMe uses a third party paying system, WePay, which helps in the payment processing.
  5. The two elements often occur as part of the same transaction; for example, the cashing or deposit by a creditor of his debtor’s check inseribed “in full payment.
  6. When an amount is thus tendered with the clear expression of an intention to make payment in full, the payee, as a general rule, must either reject it entirely or accept it subject to the stated condition.
  7. He cannot, without the consent of the debtor, accept such a conditional tender and apply it in part payment.
  8. The existence of a professional relationship does not necessarily depend on payment of a fee.
  9. He paid the start-up costs of the new magazine by deferring payment of sales taxes his clubs owed on their activities.
  10. They have the difficult choice, having to pick between contributing to their 401 (k) or direct money towards the payment of their student debts.
  11. Employees who are entitled to the Freedom 2 Save benefit are those who contribute a minimum of 2% of their salaries to their student loan payment.
  12. The law of contract and debt, the breach of covenants, the non-payment of wages when due, the annulling of a purchase or sale, the law of deposits, the collection of outstanding accounts, gambling debts and wages, are discussed at some length.


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