Use Nevertheless in a Sentence, How to use “Nevertheless” in a sentence


Use Nevertheless in a sentence. How to use the word Nevertheless in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Nevertheless.

Use Nevertheless in a Sentence - How to use "Nevertheless" in a sentence

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Definition of Nevertheless

  • in spite of that; notwithstanding; all the same.

Examples of Nevertheless in a sentence

  1. He doesn’t work hard but nevertheless his grade the high.
  2. He is not the best student, but nevertheless he tries very hard.
  3. The couple argue a lot, but they love each other nevertheless.
  4. Nevertheless, hosting a Christmas party is not an easy challenge.
  5. Nevertheless, these favoured regions have a darker side.
  6. Nevertheless, he said the industry would not be averse to making warning labels simpler for consumers to understand.
  7. Nevertheless, there are always lots of tourists – all thanks to the delicious and unique form, which opens with the city bridge.
  8. Nevertheless, if the venue is sorted, then half the battle is won.
  9. Nevertheless, the most important thing, which needs to be considered, is the venue of the event.
  10. Nevertheless, graduates or the fresh workforce are facing a hard choice these days, because most of them carry enormous student loans in thousands and thousands of dollars.
  11. We have been listening to this from the school but, nevertheless, very few of us are really aware about it.
  12. But Frink will be a very good name for him, nevertheless.
  13. Many works that cannot be defined strictly as “absolute” are nevertheless structurally complete without a “program.”
  14. Nevertheless, a reminiscence of Yima’s garden has remained beyond the Indus in the story of the Uttara Kurus, who dwell beyond the holy mountains to the north.
  15. He has created all that is evil, but nevertheless he is without any independent power of creation.
  16. Pharnus, their king, met him with a mighty army, but was nevertheless beaten.
  17. Though the Median king brought up 800,000 men, Parsondes nevertheless put him to flight, and slew 50,000 Medes.
  18. Nevertheless she is married, not to a Mede, but to a man of the subject races, a Persian of a good family, _i.e._ of noble descent, wealthy, but “quiet in his disposition.


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