Use Need in a Sentence

Use Need in a sentence. How to use the word Need in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Need.

Definition of Need

Examples of Need in a sentence

*** You will need a good antenna to exploit the performance of the radio.

*** Sometimes our hearts just need time to accept what our heads already know.

*** We all need the occasional escape route from the boring and routine aspects of our lives.

*** To be a professional accountant, you need two types of skills: innate and learned.

*** Fewer passengers, less income, you do not need to be an accountant to see the result.

*** For larger tours, bands need a travel counter to travel with them and record all transactions as they are made.

*** You do not need to be an accountant to know that once you stop earning your income you will decrease.

*** We need to re-evaluate the historical data we use to estimate the regression equation.

*** Gnostic writings repeatedly emphasize divine revelation and the need for human effort to realize gnosis, as well as the need for corresponding divine grace or angelic help.

*** There is no need for a title in the deeds of the IELTS test task, and it does not rewrite the task of the question.

*** 4 Mb is the absolute minimum you need to run the program.

*** I must emphasize the need for absolute secrecy about the project.

*** However, a healthy diet does not need to be spartan.

*** Adolescents especially feel the need to cut the umbilical cord that binds them to their mothers.

*** What I need are skills to decrease my reactions to their anger.

*** There are some problems during the operation of the cartridge filter, such as the small effect of jet cleaning, the lower need for air and the low filtering rate, etc.

*** Every time we need money, victuals, liquor, women, we are simply going to look for them.

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