Must in a Sentence

Use Must in a sentence. How to use the word Must in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Must.

Definition of Must

A helping verb used to express:

1. Necessity or obligation
2. Probability
3. Certainty or conviction.

Examples of Must in a sentence

*** I must die by the rope.

*** We must do some work now.

*** Sacred College of Cardinals, the body of churchmen in the Roman Catholic Church who elect the pope and administer the offices of the Roman Curia. They are named by the pope and must be bishops.

*** To be effective, they must have the approval and acceptance of the professional group (accountants).

Sentence for must

*** To be useful, a unit of measure must be constant.

*** The growth of a profession must be measured not only by the number of its members but also by the scope and quality of professional activities.

*** This is due in part to the increase in educational requirements that must be met by candidates for the profession.

*** There is no detailed record of losses or profits, and when statements are prepared, they must be constructed from fragmentary material.

*** It can’t be a monster. It must be a large fish of some kind.

*** You must try to remember things without writing them down.

*** We must get to the airport bu seven o’clock.

*** I must remember to ring him tomorrow.

*** He must have been driving far too fast.

*** The thief didn’t have the money on him when he was arrested. He must get have got rid of it.

*** You must keep it as a secret.

*** I haven’t phoned Jim for ages. I must phone him as soon as possible.

*** It is later than I thought. I must go now.

*** I am afraid I can’t come tomorrow. I must work late.

*** We don’t have plenty of time. You must hurry.

*** This is a valueable book. You must look after it carefully.

*** There is an exam at 7 o’clock tomorrow. You must get up early.

*** I didn’t say anything like that. There must be a misunderstanding.

*** It must be difficult to stop smoking.

*** I have lost one of my gloves. I must have dropped it somewhere.

*** I didn’t hear the phone. I must have been asleep.

*** When I got back to my car, the door was unlocked.I must have forgotten to lock it.

*** You have been travelling all day. You must be tired.

*** That restaurant must be very good. It is always full of people.

*** We don’t have enough food at home, we must go shopping today.

*** International users must leave the “ZIP code” field blank.

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