Use Moss in a Sentence, How to use “Moss” in a sentence


Use Moss in a sentence. How to use the word Moss in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Moss. Sentence for Moss.

Moss - Sentence for Moss - Use Moss in a Sentence


Examples of Moss in a sentence

  1. When you buy such pips, plant them in sand, peat, or moss.
  2. To get the Eucharis started, plant bulbs in a pan filled with wet moss.
  3. She found a shady place among these rocks, and sat down upon the moss.
  4. Rollo pulled away with his hoe, hauling out mud, moss, grass, and water, up upon the bank where he stood; and Jonas also kept at work clearing the passage with the spade.
  5. In one of these trees was a large hole; the bottom of the hole was covered with dry leaves and moss.
  6. They all had the appearance of rounded tufts of soft green moss, so completely were they all covered and hidden by the beautiful verdure.
  7. She came to a place where there were rocks, with smooth surfaces of moss and grass among them.
  8. The proportions of the Georgian front were impressive, and there was beauty of design in the quaint doorway, and in the steps of rounded stone which were brocaded now with a pattern of emerald moss.
  9. I remember rotting leaves that gave like moss underfoot; dried leaves that stirred and murmured as one walked over them; black leaves, brown leaves, wine-coloured leaves, and the still glossy leaves of the evergreens.
  10. There was a perfect sea of hills on every side, all covered with moss, ferns, and heather, with scarcely a tree of any kind to be seen, except those that fringed the shores of the lake down in the valley.
  11. There was nothing to be seen all around but hills and mountains, all covered with brakes and ferns, and moss and heather.
  12. About ten feet from our fireplace lay the moss-covered body of a pine tree that had fallen out across the meadow, possibly fifty or seventy-five years ago.

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