Use May Be in a Sentence, How to use “May Be” in a sentence


How to use the word May be in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word May be.

Use May Be in a Sentence - How to use "May Be" in a sentence


Examples of May be in a sentence

  1. The pretty Lantana may be grown indoors or outdoors.
  2. If you do not pinch off the top, you will get a plant with long stems that may be fixed to a trellis.
  3. The necessary annual repotting may be done at the same time.
  4. Schools may be accredited by regional associations.
  5. Adults as well as children may be affected.
  6. On a hot day, your dog may be very thirsty, so make sure they have plenty of water.
  7. In the long run, however, with its commercialization, acquisition may be the only solution.
  8. There may be opportunities to rent existing service properties or surplus service properties.
  9. Your illness may be difficult to accept.
  10. It may be difficult for you to accept your illness.
  11. They may be painted or have attached a variety of fibers, feathers, beads, and shells.
  12. Baskets may be made of several colors of fibers woven into patterns.
  13. Wooden or calabash containers may be decorated with chip carving or pyrograved designs.
  14. In sum, it may be said that all aspects and levels of traditional African life accommodated the arts in some form.
  15. Proverbs may be used in ordinary conversation to guide, to encourage, to praise, to admonish, and to reprove.
  16. They may be cited in court as precedents in developing a case or used as rhetorical devices to sway the judges.
  17. Imported definitions may be significantly out of date, and the most recent senses may be completely missing.
  18. This type of phenomenon belongs to the nature of the fault of dropping the hair, the cause may be due to the fecund scalp, pore clogging, the capillary function of the blood is to reduce the wait.
  19. In some cases, it may be necessary to connect metal surfaces by a hard spelter solder that melts at an elevated temperature.
  20. As you try to induce intense responses of nausea in your clients, you may be worried that they may actually vomit.

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