Use Learned in a Sentence

Use Learned in a sentence. How to use the word Learned in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Learned.

Definition of Learned

Examples of Learned in a sentence

*** When Abigail learned of this, she intercepted David’s forces and appeased them with gifts.

*** The “three learned professions” have been, historically, theology, medicine, and law.

*** More recently, engineering has qualified as a learned profession.

*** It has a press for learned publications, a division of adult education, and several specialized institutes.

*** The dog was discombobulated until it learned its way around the new house.

*** She can do sums, but has not yet learned to subtract.

*** He also learned what “the same” and “different” mean, a crucial step in human intellectual development that has become a staple of Sesame Street’s work.

*** They used to be just another attraction in a children’s zoo, but then they learned how to do trampoline.

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