Use Laborious in a Sentence, How to use “Laborious” in a sentence


Use Laborious in a sentence. How to use the word Laborious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Laborious. Sentence for Laborious.

Use Laborious in a Sentence - How to use "Laborious" in a sentence


Examples of laborious in a sentence

  1. Yet this was one of the earliest literary works to catch Western attention; laborious translations have been published since the 17th century.
  2. There were long and laborious miles ahead, and only a short day in which to overcome them and their difficulties.
  3. By slow and laborious steps this kingdom worked its way upward in frequent and severe conflicts beside Babylonia.
  4. If the number of the emigrants really reached 240,000 men, it is inexplicable why so strong a body did not prefer to make themselves masters of Egypt, rather than go in laborious search of uncertain conquests in distant lands.
  5. Busied with their arms, their horses, or the chase, they became proud, and despised the work of the peasant, paying little respect to that laborious occupation in comparison with their own free and adventurous life.
  6. Thus not even death brought the end of sorrow; it was not enough to bring to a close a laborious life; even if after this life a man were not tormented in hell for unexpiated transgressions, he was born again to ever new sorrows and pains.
  7. To lift her gently upon a bowlder; to bend forward and adjust her upon his back with infinite care; to proceed with her up the laborious ascent,–all this was skilfully and expeditiously done.
  8. Being a narrow way, cut into the steep slope of the canon, to leave it in rounding fallen trees and breaches left by the storm was a slow and laborious task, and time was precious for a number of reasons.
  9. Their slow and laborious work presently made it impossible for them to talk.
  10. Some of the men were on horseback, others were on foot, and others still, sick or wounded, were conveyed on little wagons of the country, which were drawn along in a very difficult and laborious manner.


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