Use Knowledge in a Sentence – How to use “Knowledge” in a sentence


Use Knowledge in a sentence. How to use the word Knowledge in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Knowledge. Sentence for Knowledge.

12 Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge

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Examples of knowledge in a sentence

  1. The third maxim: the self-realization of people exercises a full creative force, the request for knowledge is a prerequisite for self-realization and the request for virtue is the process.
  2. Inspiring teachers not only impart knowledge, but also instill moral values in their students.
  3. They emphasized the technical knowledge and skills they had to impart to these people.
  4. Next to the patio of the hotel there is a venerable cedar of 70 feet that is said to be the Tree of Knowledge.
  5. In his chief work, A Discourse of Freethinking (1713), he argued that free inquiry was the means of acquiring full knowledge of truth and, far from being at variance with Christian principles, was actually enjoined by Holy Scripture.


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