Use It in a Sentence

Use It in a sentence. How to use the word It in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word It.

Definition of It

Examples of It in a sentence

* It was getting dark.

* It had to find policies that could stimulate production efforts and economic growth without giving rise to inflationary pressures.

* The city’s thermal sulfur baths, dating from Roman times, make it a popular resort, and its environs, filled with reminders of the classical period, attract many tourists.

* Golden Horn, an inlet on the Bosporus forming the harbor of istanbul, Turkey. It was so called because of its shape and beauty.

* It is a spear with the edges turned back.

* Located in an agricultural area producing alfalfa, wheat, corn, fruit, and cotton, it is a rail and commercial center, whose chief industries are cotton and grain processing and textile manufacturing.

* When we arrived the concert, it was about to finish.

* She finds it difficult to get up early for work because she isn’t used to getting up so early.

* My job is very easy. Anybody could do it.

* My doughter loves playing with cables but i think it is dangerous.

* It is impossible to dare to walk in the graveyard at night.

* It is useless trying to explain him. He doesn’t want to understand.

* It was a long time ago that we first met but I remember it as if it was yesterday.

* Data can be an inner layer drilling typically to create microvias, or it can be a top or bottom layer after the
sequential process has been completed to create the microvia structures.

* NASA discovered a new galaxy and they think that it is possible there is a life there.

* It should process the batches in a sequential order.

* Drunkenness does not make men vicious, but it shows those who are to be so.

* It is about 9 feet (3 meters) long in the adult human.

* Washington stepped up its program of cultural exchange and made it clear, when Bolivia and Mexico expropriated American oil properties, that the national security must override private interests.

* It may have three or four valves.

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