Use Infantry in a Sentence, How to use “Infantry” in a sentence


Use Infantry in a sentence. How to use the word Infantry in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Infantry. Sentence for Infantry.

Infantry in a sentence


Examples of infantry in a sentence

  1. The infantry began to deploy at dawn.
  2. He joined the infantry but transferred to the Air Force in 1915.
  3. He reached the rank of general of infantry in 1906, and two years later he was ennobled.
  4. Column after column of horsemen and of infantry marched out of the camp.
  5. After the life-guards came a body of ten thousand infantry, and after them ten thousand cavalry.
  6. Some say an army of horsemen, or infantry, A fleet of ships is the fairest thing on the face of the black earth, but I say It’s what one loves.
  7. So admirably disciplined were they, that sometimes, in battle, the mounted men would leap from their horses and advance as foot soldiers to aid the other infantry, leaving the horses to stand until they returned.
  8. This cavalry force was to embark at a separate port, about eighty miles distant from the one from which the infantry were to sail.
  9. So the Carthaginians, in making up their forces, would hire bodies of cavalry in Numidia, and of slingers in the Balearic Isles; and, for reasons analogous, they got excellent infantry in Spain.
  10. The Romans, however, on this occasion, increased the number of the legions, and also augmented their size, so that they contained, each, five thousand infantry and four hundred cavalry.
  11. The people of the provinces were also to furnish bodies of troops, both infantry and cavalry, to join the army on its march.
  12. There was the phalanx the terrible phalanx advancing irresistibly either in one body or in detachments, with columns of infantry and flying troops of horsemen on the wings.
  13. The inclosure was filled one hundred and seventy times with the foot soldiers before the process was completed, indicating, as the total amount of the infantry of the army, a force of one million seven hundred thousand men.

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