Use In in a Sentence, How to use “In” in a sentence


Use In in a sentence. How to use the word In in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word In. Sentence for In.

Use In in a Sentence - How to use "In" in a sentence


Examples of In in a sentence

  1. In some of the so-called underdeveloped nations, labor bureaus greatly influence government economic policies.
  2. The city was platted in 1868 and incorporated in 1871.
  3. In Padua, in 1547, he executed a bust of Pietro Cardinal Bembo for the prelate’s tomb in Saint Antonio.
  4. The television is in the corner of the room.
  5. I was sitting in the back of the car when we crashed.
  6. Who is the woman in the photograph?
  7. Have you seen this article in the paper?
  8. It was a lovely day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.
  9. We had a lot of problems with our car. In the end we sold it.
  10. Don’t go out in the rain. Wait until it stops.
  11. In my opinion, the film wasn’t very good.
  12. There are a lot of people in the shop.
  13. Have you ever been in love with anybody?
  14. We sat in the shade. It was too hot to sit in the sun.
  15. He likes to keep warm, so he doesn’t go out much in cold weather.
  16. Look at those people swimming in the river.
  17. They fell in love with each other almost immediately and were married in a few weeks.
  18. I don’t like the sun. I prefer to sit in the shade.
  19. Please write your address clearly, preferably in block letters.
  20. Ann thought the restaurant was OK but in my opinion it wasn’t very good.
  21. I hardly ever use a credit card or cheques. I prefer to pay for things in cash.
  22. To send a message from the Message Center, type the Member’s Handle in the appropriate box and write your message in the text box below it. Your message goes to the Member.
  23. Piano is a classical musical clavier in the west.
  24. I am from Turkey (Turkiye) but I live in Germany.
  25. Items marked in red are required.
  26. Turkiye (Turkey) resident stranded in Syria in immigration quagmire.
  27. You may change or edit any information in your Profile except your Member Handle.
  28. It is not used in the Search function.
  29. The banner needs to be a GIF or JPEG image, 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall, and 10KB or less in size.
  30. allows you to respond to these questions in an essay-type format.
  31. They are not used in the Search function to help find compatible Members.
  32. We consider US residents only those Members who live in the fifty (50) States.
  33. Non-US residents (this includes everyone who does not live in the 50 US States) must use the “Search by Location” option in the “Location Criteria” section of the form.
  34. We arrange the list chronologically showing matches in the order they last logged on to beginning with the most recent.
  35. Fill in the criteria on the Search page that accurately describes the person you want to meet.
  36. He also worked occasionally as a director, and he created a multitude of supporting roles in films.
  37. Both singers have given concerts, sung in opera, and made excellent recordings.

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