Himself in a Sentence


Use Himself in a sentence. How to use the word Himself in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Himself.

Definition of Himself

Examples of Himself in a sentence

*** A man who betrays a friend humbles himself.

*** He has humiliated himself by stealing from a poor old woman.


*** A man who uses bad words will only lower himself.

*** He is undefined of himself.

*** The bat deftly responding, twice saved himself from dying.

*** He taught himself to become a local government accountant through night schools and correspondence courses.

*** However, despite this regression to the use of racist Hollywood images, he still applauded himself in Creteil.

*** He spent the whole night defending himself from unwanted fans.

*** He asked himself if they had come to take him to a Home for ungrateful and unwanted children.

*** Andersen saw himself as the ugly duckling, mocked and unwanted by all.

*** Iron Arrow finally found himself dragging kicks and screams in the 20th century.

*** He has not passed himself off as an education expert.

*** He knew he was not going to go up there and that his voice had to bend or let himself be squawked.

*** The romantic image of the brave David who clings to himself against the brutal Goliath is dangerously misleading.

*** Nor did he have any taste for the rule; his days were spent in the society of musicians, buffoons and poets, and he himself ventured into the production of verses of a mystical tendency.

*** Banished the musicians and singers, and banned all kinds of games; He dedicated himself to the administration of justice and gave public hearings to the people for the reparation of their grievances.

*** Master the displeasure of himself: “Where the other place is the bastard here.”

*** Creed smiled to himself as he slid the Xerox copies back into the envelope.

*** He often reminds himself that he should not be a man in the spotlight.

*** Boylston is said to have made his rounds in disguise to protect himself from the mobs that wanted to hang him from the nearest tree.

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