Use Had in a Sentence, How to use “Had” in a sentence


Use Had in a sentence. How to use the word Had in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Had.

Use Had in a Sentence - How to use "Had" in a sentence

Examples of Had in a sentence

  1. I had run to catch the first Concorde to New York at the moment when its memo hit the Xerox machine.
  2. He had little formal education and at an early age devoted himself to his father’s profession.
  3. Someone had folded the antenna.
  4. An aerial search of the area proved unsuccessful, and it was presumed that they had died.
  5. In a couple of seconds the antenna was gone and the windshield wipers had also been ripped off.
  6. Weeks of aerial bombing had destroyed factories and roads.
  7. In 1932 Stanley Baldwin had revealed that, in the opinion of experts, there was no defense against aerial bombardment.
  8. And then I had it, specializing in aerial photography.
  9. Losses had also accumulated due to discounts and subsidies to private and public banks, and to exchange speculation.
  10. Now he had the generator driven by the wind for domestic use, he also invented the electric car battery cell.
  11. The accumulator was very heavy and had to be charged approximately once a month.
  12. The Chancellery had returned to the Carolingian practices, but with an energy that surpassed its model.
  13. All the teachers of the Chancellery have had a reference of the cause.
  14. Collier, observing that mutually incompatible properties had been predicated of the physical world, asserted that physical objects could have no existence outside the mind and that the material world is merely a manifestation of the divine will.
  15. An indefinite alteration had come over his whole person and manner.
  16. Before leaving, the teacher had requested an indefinite leave of absence, but the school board had denied his request.
  17. He had been working in the garden and was very hot and thirsty.
  18. Two candidates had withdrawn from the contest, leaving him as the only candidate.
  19. Physicists had until then generally ignored the wave-like aspect of partide emission.

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