Use Gaming in a Sentence, How to use “Gaming” in a sentence


Use Gaming in a sentence. How to use the word Gaming in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Gaming. Sentence for Gaming.

Use Gaming in a Sentence - How to use "Gaming" in a sentence

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Examples of Gaming in a sentence

  1. It is gaming, it is true, in this case, on an exceedingly small scale.
  2. Fabwelt is a next-generation idea aimed at unifying the world of NFTs and gaming together.
  3. It’s a gaming console, a media streamer, and a lean-back platform to run living room apps.
  4. Still it is gaming, and so is the beginning of a road which has a very dreadful end.
  5. Fabwelt is all about innovation; integrating the NFT industry and the Gaming industry.
  6. This chair is a stylish addition to your gaming station or a one-of-a-kind addition to your office.
  7. There has been an ethos with the indie label that seems to be forgotten ( not only in the gaming industry).
  8. Using this configuration, you can engage in other activities such as computer gaming, watching television, working, and resting.
  9. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino shuts its doors in February 2020, and re-opens with over 1,500 rooms, 60,000 square footage of gaming area and a five-acre pool area.
  10. As she is a gaming enthusiast, she also staked 30K tokens into our STAR STRIKE gaming platform to get some really amazing starships.
  11. Fabwelt is focused on elevating the existing art and gaming performance by creating a unified platform for global adoption.
  12. “So far as trying the experiment is concerned,” said Mr. Holiday, “as a matter of dexterity and skill, there is no harm; but so far as the hope of getting a prize by it is concerned, it is of the nature of gaming.”
  13. For a boy to pay for the use of such an apparatus for the purpose of trying his eye and his hand is clearly right; but to stake his money in hopes of winning a prize is wrong, for it is gaming.


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