Use Flight in a Sentence & How to use “Flight” in a sentence


Use Flight in a sentence. How to use the word Flight in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Flight. Sentence for Flight.

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Examples of flight in a sentence

  1. What’s the flight’s scheduled arrival time?
  2. We managed to get a non-stop flight to İzmir.
  3. It has dark plumage with a flash of white on the bases of the flight feathers.
  4. When I flew to Manisa, I was told to check in two hours before my flight.
  5. Besides, many affecting factors, such as lock chamber dimensions, lock valve conditions and single or multi flight lock situations have been discussed.
  6. He returned to France in 1819 and was acquitted on charges of contributing to Napoleon’s flight from exile.
  7. Buzzing flight; it can shoot up with noticeable acceleration when it is startled, although it often prefers to run.
  8. The flight data recorder measures the altitude, speed and acceleration of the aircraft at the time of an accident.
  9. With this flight, El Palomar Airport debuted as International.
  10. But there are things that travelers tend to do that simply get on even the iron nerves of the flight crew, and they decided to share with everyone online.
  11. One was of the first airplane flight by the Wrights in Kitty Hawk, and the other one of John Young—Apollo 16 commander on the Moon.
  12. A flight attendant would enter the flight deck if one of the two pilots left it for any reason.
  13. This way, she manages to reduce costs exceeding $50,000 per flight, as food on board the private planes is rather expensive.
  14. The children barely noticed the bandage on my forehead when the foot of the tripod caught me in its flight.
  15. Several eyewitness sources, including Wu-Tang Clan member RZA (pictured above), claimed that Banks was the instigator of the flight, while another said that she had been acting erratically throughout the evening.


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