Use Devoted in a Sentence, How to use “Devoted” in a sentence


Use Devoted in a sentence. How to use the word Devoted in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Devoted. Sentence for Devoted.

Use Devoted in a Sentence - How to use "Devoted" in a sentence

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Examples of Devoted in a sentence

  1. This is devoted to the study of the languages.
  2. The last hour of school is devoted to the sections.
  3. By publishing them in periodicals devoted to education.
  4. He devoted great attention too to the institutions of religion.
  5. Grace Abbott (1878-1939), American social worker who devoted her life to the protection of immigrants and children.
  6. Henderson devoted his life to building up the Labour organization and preserving the unity of the Parliamentary Labour party, of which he was leader 1908-1910, 1914-1917, and 1931-1932.
  7. He studied at the University of Madrid, but soon devoted himself to painting.
  8. In his last years he devoted himself primarily to economic matters, becoming minister of transport in 1921 and, in 1924, chairman of the supreme economic council.
  9. He completely devoted himself to the cause in his later years.
  10. The true believers are those who remain devoted to Allah under all circumstances in life.
  11. Many scores of pages are devoted to these topics and the general reader will need to keep a bookmark in the footnotes.
  12. To honor his achievements and the many titles that Rudenko collected, Google devoted his Doodle on Friday to the chess champion on his 114th birthday.
  13. She was then received into the temple of Vesta, and there, with the other maidens who had been consecrated before her, she devoted herself to the discharge of the duties of her office, without reproach, for several years.
  14. Romulus saw, however, that in effecting this purpose lay the only hope of the success of his enterprise, and he devoted himself with great assiduity and care, and at the same time with great energy and success, to the work of organizing it.
  15. Romulus sent messengers to all the surrounding country to proclaim the programme of these entertainments, and to invite every body to come; and he adroitly arranged the details in such a manner that the chief attractions for grave, sober-minded and substantial men should be on the earlier days of the show, and that the latter days should be devoted to lighter amusements, such as would possess a charm for the young, the light-hearted and the happy.


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