Use Default in a Sentence, How to use “Default” in a sentence


Use Default in a sentence. How to use the word Default in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Default. Sentence for Default.

Default in a Sentence


Examples of default in a sentence

  1. The default is “No notification.”
  2. In order to conduct a Search for Members, none of the other default settings need to be changed.
  3. The administration console chooses a default name, which is a combination of information about the link, the destination name and other names; It is unique, but generally long and unintelligible.
  4. If these additional completion tests are not approved, there would be an event of default and possible acceleration of the debt.
  5. The Duke of Gloucester himself was Henry’s heir in case he should die without children; for Gloucester was Henry’s oldest uncle, and, of course, in default of his descendants, the crown would go back to him.
  6. Identical treatment could not be meted out to those in Corsica and Switzerland, though some of them were sentenced to death by default for conspiring against M. Venizelos.
  7. In default of a Providence whose intervention in human affairs is no longer recognized, there still is a Nemesis of history whose operations can scarcely be denied.
  8. Since you, like the common herd, are blind to God’s glory, it was but fit that there should be some one herald, though it be but one, to fill the place left empty by your default, and to chant the hymn that goes up to God in behalf of all.

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