Use december in a sentence

Use december in a sentence. How to use the word december in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word december. How to use “december” with example sentences

Definition of december

Examples of december in a sentence

*** I reserve the right to publish one or all of the lists sent from December 15th. All published lists will be marked as part of the contest.

*** 46% Christmas messages that invaded the social networks of Peruvians since the beginning of December are positive, as revealed by an analysis of Oracle through its tool Social Relationship Management (SRM). To date, more than four million publications have been sent on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

*** The Gallipoli campaign ended in a sad and costly failure, and the withdrawal from the peninsula began on December 19.

*** Since December 3, more than 4.7 million messages related to Christmas have been published from social accounts of Peruvian users.

*** Pope John was present in the general congregation on December 7.

*** Eight days later, on December 13, Kofi Annan was unanimously elected as general secretary.

*** Announced today, the offer is set to last until the 1st December, and applies to everything from charms, pendants and spacers, including sterling silver.

*** I will accept lists related to Christmas, but I would like a great variety of topics so that we do not have a month of anything other than Christmas lists in December.

*** Important dates: lists will not be accepted after midnight PST on December 14, 2009.

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