Use Complexity in a Sentence , How to use “Complexity” in a sentence


Use Complexity in a sentence. How to use the word Complexity in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Complexity. Sentence for Complexity.

Use Complexity in a Sentence - How to use "Complexity" in a sentence


Examples of complexity in a sentence

  1. The complexity, hardness and challenge have showed themselves in trade practice in the latest several years.
  2. Seen from the street level front, the polished frame of the upper level creates a larger solid effect that increases visual complexity.
  3. However, its accompaniment is based on the rhythmic complexity of bebop.
  4. But some investigators claim that they have taught them to use systems approaching human language in their versatility and complexity.
  5. If the branch which you are desiring to introduce appears to you to be an important part of education, and if it seems to you that it can be most successfully attended to in schools, then consider whether the introduction of it, _and of all the other branches having equal claims_, will or will not give to the common schools too great a complexity.
  6. It will remain with me forever, whatever happen, to have known a man; to have known him in his strength and weakness, in his splendid unselfishness and childish reliance; in his simplicity and complexity; in his singleness of purpose and variety of attributes; in his gentleness and ferocity, and, above all, in his wonderful sense of duty.


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