Use Compelling in a Sentence, How to use “Compelling” in a sentence


Use Compelling in a sentence. How to use the word Compelling in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Compelling.

Use Compelling in a Sentence - How to use "Compelling" in a sentence


Examples of Compelling in a sentence

  1. She has written a huge and compelling family saga.
  2. It’s all great and a compelling cinema.
  3. Your life is a compelling story.
  4. It is unlikely that a deferment will be granted in these circumstances unless there are particularly compelling reasons.
  5. That he has not been doing this all his life is, of course, the goal of this compelling story.
  6. The Commission could not find any compelling reasons of public interest that could justify the position of the government of the United Kingdom.
  7. The formidable challenge for the progressive bishops and theologians who dominated the Second Vatican Council was to formulate a compelling alternative.
  8. When I get to publish his account of the oddities of itinerant life in hiding, it will be a compelling read.
  9. Unless there are other compelling reasons, therefore, never borrow money to obtain the funds your corporation needs.
  10. The similarity between this ancient and well-established knowledge and stories. Athletes say that it is often dramatic and compelling.
  11. I found the whole movie very compelling.
  12. One of the most compelling elements of the myth is the need to hide your true identity.
  13. But there are a number of compelling reasons to queue.
  14. The temptation to let go was strongly compelling and he had a good argument to back it up.
  15. The temptation to create an entertaining and compelling sports film must be too strong to resist.
  16. I am indebted to my correspondent, Ms. D. M. Ross for this compelling story.
  17. It is difficult to find a more compelling reason to stop smoking than the fact that it affects the health of your children.
  18. She found her story so compelling that she had forgotten to drink wine.

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