Use Church in a Sentence, How to use “Church” in a sentence


Use Church in a sentence. How to use the word Church in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Church. Sentence for Church.

The meaning of Christmas for Christian children


Examples of Church in a sentence

  1. Afterwards, she stays up late to finish some work for the church.
  2. Encyclicals deal with matters of pastoral concern and therefore may touch upon matters of ordinary doctrine, morals, or church discipline.
  3. Previously, the priests had based their sermons on interpretations of the Vulgate and on the writings of the Fathers of the Church.
  4. From that day, the plague began to diminish, and to show its gratitude, the city decided to build a new church.
  5. The park has three lakes and the picturesque village of Duddingston with its Norman church.
  6. The body of all the cardinals who elect the Pope, help him to govern the church and administer the Holy See when the papacy is vacant.
  7. The question of divorce and second marriages in the church is still very controversial.
  8. We travel from church to church, drifting towards the tip of the peninsula until we reach the port of Pusan.
  9. Some of the fathers of the early church used to argue that marriage was more a sacrifice than celibacy.
  10. Our house is supported by the church.
  11. There would be no heat in the church, nor any sensible way for the congregation to get there.
  12. The local congregation of Mr. Trump is not entirely happy with his imperial style and the finances of the church are suffering.
  13. Married couples make up a large part of the congregation of the church.
  14. According to legend, after the death of his uncle, the priests of the area, not agreeing on who would be his successor, decided to choose the first Christian to put their feet in the church.
  15. New converts and transfers should be presented to church leaders and members of the congregation.
  16. The most popular martyrology states that he was a priest near Rome about 270 AD, a time when the church was suffering a great persecution.

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