Use Auspiciously in a Sentence, How to use “Auspiciously” in a sentence


Use Auspiciously in a sentence. How to use the word Auspiciously in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Auspiciously. Sentence for Auspiciously.

Use Auspiciously in a Sentence - How to use "Auspiciously" in a sentence


Examples of Auspiciously in a sentence

  1. Spring blooms auspiciously.
  2. Last year was a much slower season and this one didn’t start too auspiciously either.
  3. But the day did not close so auspiciously as it began.
  4. She started his new job auspiciously on his birthday.
  5. The first day of the new century had started auspiciously with the discovery of what many regarded as a new planet between Mars and Jupiter.
  6. It began not quite as auspiciously as the capacity crowd must have wished.
  7. Although the accession of the young monarch was initially regarded auspiciously, his reign soon became controversial.
  8. Hooton’s career began auspiciously with a no-hitter in his fourth major league game for the Cubs, but he gained perhaps his widest recognition for his several playoff performances with the Dodgers.
  9. The dynasty thrives auspiciously in the Realm of King Parikṣit.
  10. Since then, lantibiotics such as nisin have been used auspiciously for food preservation and have yet to encounter significant bacterial resistance.
  11. Come down from your stools both of you and don’t spoil by your stiffneckedness a season that has opened auspiciously, and which under prudent management should end gloriously.
  12. Three months before the Games, Liu auspiciously passed the exact Olympic B-height and registered his own personal best of 2.27 m at the Olympic Trials in Shijiazhuang to assure a place on the Chinese track and field team.
  13.  Saturday August 13th, the day assigned for the closing scene of the campaign, dawned auspiciously.
  14. The year begins auspiciously by the signature at New Delhi, India, of a treaty of friendship with India.
  15. Frederick was, especially in his youth and unlike his father, belligerent and adversarial, aroused by honor and national pride, and so he began his reign auspiciously with a campaign under the aged Johan Rantzau, which reconquered Dithmarchen.

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