Use Assured in a Sentence – How to use “Assured” in a sentence


Use Assured in a sentence. How to use the word Assured in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Assured. Sentence for Assured.

Use Assured in a Sentence - How to use "Assured" in a sentence

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Examples of Assured in a sentence

  1. Rest assured that your website, data and emails are safe during this upgrade.
  2. Oebares, fearing that a similar lot was in store for him, though Cyrus assured him that he should not permit anything of the kind, refused all nourishment for ten days, and so put an end to his life.
  3. And yet, though I assured myself that “there couldn’t be a bit of truth in it,” I shrank, with a creepy sensation, from going through the house to my room in the third storey.
  4. “I promise,” I assured him gravely; and, with another suspicious glance in the direction of the house, he sprang to his feet and caught me by the hand.
  5. It was difficult to follow, and we might well have credited it to a younger man, had not the doctor assured us that the colonel was a most agile mountaineer.
  6. There was sound sense in his command, and I added my advice to it, but she would not go until we assured her that Colonel Hetherill was safe in his own hut and pointed to the curl of smoke which still came from his stovepipe.
  7. She assured him that she had always been faithful and true to him, and begged that he would not cast an indelible stain upon her own fair fame and that of her innocent and helpless child by such unjust and groundless imputations.
  8. She assured him that there had been no necessity at all for his flight, and that he might now at any time return to Moscow with perfect safety.
  9. Tolstoi and Rumanrow, in which, as also by word of mouth, I am most graciously assured of pardon for having fled without your permission in case I return.


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