Use Are in a Sentence, How to use “Are” in a sentence


Use Are in a sentence. How to use the word Are in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Are.

Use Are in a Sentence - How to use "Are" in a sentence


Examples of Are in a sentence

  1. The small flowers, which are cream to dark pink in color, appear in dense clumps.
  2. Inedible fruits, in the form of banana, about 8 cm long and 2-2.5 cm in diameter, have a green skin and white flesh; the seeds are quite big and black.
  3. The propagation is mainly done from pieces of mature rhizome that are usually sown at the beginning of the rainy season.
  4. Abaca plants are usually replaced within 10 years.
  5. In the next cleaning operation, the pulpy material is scraped by hand or with a machine, releasing the fiber strands, which are dried in the sun.
  6. You are unique, you can do everything!
  7. And you save an afflicted people; But your eyes are on the haughty who you humiliate.
  8. Acetylene is a simple asphyxiant and anesthetic. Experiments have shown that there are no harmful effects of chronic exposure to acetylene at high concentrations.
  9. Measures are taken in the hardware to correct errors in the precision azimuth control of the air array caused by frequency agility.
  10. And although cameras and equipment are much better today than in the nineteenth century, aerial photography is interesting for the same reason as it was back then.
  11. Evans explains that the images they are collecting are breaking new ground in the evaluation of aerial damage since the accuracy of the image is well above the standard of satellite images of 60 centimeters resolution.
  12. Solid unfilled cables are designed for the use of conduits and the aerial installation in the local telephone network.
  13. Hardware measures are taken to correct errors in the precision azimuth control of the air array caused by frequency agility.
  14. There are other factors that also contribute to the presentation of athletes, such as figures of athletes, knowledge, choreography, musical accompaniment, interests, etc.
  15. All his goods are seized, he has never had anything, he does not even have a job.

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