Use antenna in a sentence

Use antenna in a sentence. How to use the word antenna in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word antenna.

Definition of antenna

Examples of antenna in a sentence

*** An antenna shot on television.

*** Commercial center CCTV system, patrol system, TV antenna system, parking access control sensor system.

*** The antenna is small and discreet, and adapts perfectly to the fireplace.

*** In two minutes, the automatic antenna retracted and the Volkswagen left.

*** We tried to balance the antenna on the television, but it kept falling.

*** The image is much clearer with the new antenna.

*** The antenna does not seem very safe to me.

*** The antenna receives signals from the ground.

*** I fixed a temporary radio antenna from a coat rack.

*** Climbed the roof to adjust the antenna for better reception.

*** The open-pit VSAT station consists of a 2.4 m parabolic antenna, outdoor unit (ODU) and indoor unit (IDU).

*** A planar spiral arquimedian antenna of a new type is presented, the planar zirconia arquimedian spiral antenna.

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