Use Advertising in a Sentence – How to use “Advertising” in a sentence


Use Advertising in a sentence. How to use the word Advertising in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Advertising. Sentence for Advertising.

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Examples of Advertising in a sentence

  1. That advertising campaign was an absolute master blow.
  2. It is financed by advertising by local businesses
  3. The company tried to cancel the unwanted advertising.
  4. Be responsible for tax advertising; to manage tax receipts and certificates.
  5. Stores are advertising local products with buy-local food labels.
  6. It is forbidden to change the advertising materials provided by advertisers, namely graphic images, banners.
  7. Misleading and false advertising is used as a valid means of unfair competition on the part of illegal operators.
  8. Ford did not accept any responsibility for misleading advertising.
  9. All advertising and promotional literature will be written to avoid cheating in any way.
  10. Cross-linking websites and advertising affiliate programs can also help.
  11. Bruce Barton; (1886-1967), American advertising executive and writer.
  12. In 1912 he became assistant sales manager for the publishers P.F. Collier and Son in New York City, and it was for this firm that he wrote his first advertising copy.
  13. BBDO (as the firm was familiarly known) quickly became one of the most influential advertising agencies in the world, and much credit for its growth goes to Barton.
  14. Telephone: 6322361121125 contact manager can be released in advertising business software ( details ) report couplet additionally.
  15. The name Panono is being thrown out and replaced with “Professional360” possibly to mimic the idea behind the advertising of, already popular GoPro cameras.
  16. This company commissioned Habdon Sundblom, who remodeled the Santa Claus of Thomas Nast, for the Christmas advertising campaign of that year.
  17. This eventually led to bans on certain advertising, and requirements for warning labels on tobacco products.
  18. To people of this class, and to merchants advertising their wares, we owe the three thousand or more graffiti found at Pompeii.

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