What is learning and how do we learn?


What is learning and how do we learn? How does a person learn? How do we learn things? Why do we learn?

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The world around us provides us with a large number of stimuli at all times, contemplating an infinity of responses depending on what they generate in our body through the Sensory Organs, which are directly connected to our Nervous System and allow us to send through from it the information that our Brain processes and is captured by us as a Sensory Perception, which allows us to interact with the environment.

This information can be stored in our Memory to be used in future Volitional Actions, which are those that arise as our own impulse and not by our body’s automatic action (such as Digestion, Breathing or the functions of our Circulatory System) forming part of our Experience and Skill that allows us to know previously how to act in certain situations.

This mechanism works dynamically, and is constantly changing, so it could be evidenced as a constant learning that allows us to reform our Skills, Knowledge or Conduct in specific situations, or develop a way of acting applicable to a large number of cases, depending then on what stimulus is involved.

It has a close equality with the concept of Education and Teaching, because with the development of our knowledge and making a better use of our intellect, we can solve the most complex situations, for which we are also taught to Reason Concepts and solve different Problems through the exercise, for example, of Mathematics.


But not only the learning is linked to the Intellectual Actions, but also includes those Physical Activities that require an improvement or the application of a Technique or Methodology, such as the learning of a Sports Discipline as well as some skill in the Dance or Gymnastics in which we must not only exercise our body but also incorporate concepts.

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