Use Adventure in a Sentence, How to use “Adventure” in a sentence


Use Adventure in a sentence. How to use the word Adventure in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Adventure.

Use Adventure in a Sentence - How to use "Adventure" in a sentence


Definition of Adventure

  1. an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.
  2. engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.

Examples of Adventure in a sentence

  1. An adventure is something exciting that happens to someone.
  2. An adventure can be a made-up story, or it can be something that happens in real life.
  3. I think that adventure game genre was in a coma for a while, but now it is waking up and kicking.
  4. Everyone craves a little bit of adventure
  5. Adventure fiction is a type of fiction in which an adventure forms the main storyline.
  6. Adventure movies are a genre of movies.
  7. To plan an adventure trip to Rishikesh, the best time is March to May and then September to late november in a year.
  8. I love nonficton adventure novels.
  9. The best adventure to me when I was a teenager was to climb Mount Everest.
  10. Life itself is an adventure.
  11. The adventures of Tom Sawyer is a book written by Mark Twain, published in 1876.
  12. The Titan’s Curse is fantasy-adventure novel based on Greek mythology.
  13. The movie tells the story of a young Tarzan’s adventure to discover who he really is.
  14. I’m looking for an adventure book with a romantic subplot
  15. Adventure Movies usually involve a hero who sets out on a quest to save the world or loved ones.
  16. Life without adventure would be deadly dull.
  17. This book tells about a young man named Donald who went on an adventure far away from home.
  18. He gets news that his father has died during an adventure to Antarctica.
  19. Treasure Island is an adventure novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson.
  20. What are the different kinds of adventure activities, one must try before they die?
  21. Adventure is something that concerns only you personally.

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