Use Accidents in a Sentence, How to use “Accidents” in a sentence


Use Accidents in a sentence. How to use the word Accidents in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accidents. Sentence for Accidents.

Use Accidents in a Sentence - How to use "Accidents" in a sentence

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Examples of Accidents in a sentence

  1. Work accidents trail far behind.
  2. So you wish me to meet with accidents?
  3. Accidents are not adventures,” said Phonny.
  4. Sometimes she met with accidents which were attended with some danger.
  5. Some had been injured by the storms which they had encountered on the way from İzmir or by accidents of the sea.
  6. Accidents sometimes happened, she knew, in these rough encounters; and, at any rate, it terrified her to see her husband exposed to such dangers.
  7. The possibility of more home accidents will increase in future years when a growing population acquires more leisure, more time at home, more powered hobby and gardening equipment, more home play equipment, and more home swimming pools.
  8. The burns caused by electrical accidents are of two types: those resulting from current flowing through the tissues and those resulting from high temperatures in close proximity of the body.
  9. Predictive models of diffuse graph, non-linear regression and gray theory are established from different aspects by analyzing the characteristics of traffic accidents.
  10. to manage the investigation and punishment of the main import and export accidents of food safety and quality, and the elimination of sources of contamination transmitted by food.
  11. Unusual omens or prodigies (lusus naturae) were also reported, as well as less important events—births, marriages, divorces, deaths, murders, and accidents.
  12. There is always danger of accidents, in traveling,” he added, “but there is no more danger for Stuyvesant alone than if he were in company.”
  13. You will have a very pleasant journey, I have no doubt,–that is, if you have accidents enough.
  14. Accidents!” said Stuyvesant.
  15. There are a great many different diseases, and accidents, and injuries which they are exposed to, and it requires constant watchfulness, and considerable, intelligence, to guard against them.


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