Use Access in a Sentence & How to use “Access” in a sentence


Use Access in a sentence. How to use the word Access in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Access. Sentence for Access.

Use Access in a Sentence - How to use "Access" in a sentence


Examples of Access in a sentence

  1. Because of Yokohama’s position as a foreign trade center with access to imported raw materials, there is considerable manufacturing, especially in the eastern section where, since 1912, a large shallow offshore area has been reclaimed for industrial purposes.
  2. Access to main memory is slower than access to the accumulator, which generally has direct routes to and from the arithmetic and logical unit (ALU).
  3. The programmer can access the accumulator and the index register.
  4. Among the modifiable factors, only access to a dietitian and an interested general practitioner was presented in a meaningful way in the final multiple regression analysis.
  5. This is the reason why access to safe, reliable and legal abortion is what most women want.
  6. The companion ladder, engine box and associated panels are very easy to remove, which provides excellent access to the auxiliary.
  7. A child’s access to education varies greatly from one area to another.
  8. The most picturesque access to Kyburg Castle is through the forest of Eschenberg, beyond the Bruderhaus deer park.
  9. Security issues and considerations for those responding in an insecure environment, including the recognition of an unsafe area, decontamination and access to alternative means of claims management.
  10. The task or user ID of the current transaction needs UPDATE access to the alternative user profile that protects the alternate user ID, in order to use it.
  11. The institutions administer the access funds under the general guidelines provided by the Department.
  12. Access to the harbor is limited to shallowdraft vessels; port functions are further limited by the rapid deposition of sediments and the fact that the harbor area is usually frozen over for three or four months of the year.

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