Use Accept in a Sentence


Use Accept in a sentence. How to use the word Accept in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accept.

Definition of Accept

Examples of Accept in a sentence

*** Do not just blindly accept what they tell you.

*** I will not accept if I am nominated, and I will if I am selected.


*** We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

*** It’s your graduation day. Accept my best wishes for your bright future.

*** May your birthday bring you much joy in the year you have started. Accept my wishes of many congratulations for your birthday.

*** We will accept final responsibility for whatever happens.


*** We accept the love we believe we deserve.

*** Members of a tribe thus come to share an outlook on the organization of social life and to accept a common system of values and attitudes toward right conduct and its goals.

*** Do not go with half your cock and accept any offer that you will regret later.

*** Many colleges will not accept course credits from nonaccredited institutions, and licenses to practice in many professions are granted only to graduates of accredited programs.


*** Fuse holders for Type “S” plug fuses and cartridge fuses are designed so that the holder will accept the fuse of the appropriate rating only.

*** One must accept and adapt oneself to one’s status, fully exploiting its inherent advantages over others, but also recognizing its limitations in comparison with others.

*** I am here to accept the award on behalf of Mrs. Pollock.

*** Please accept them as a new memory of our lasting friendship.


*** Please accept my most sincere wishes for the New Year.

*** Accept this small gift as a sample of our esteem.

*** Unfortunately, Donald can not be with us today, so I am pleased to accept this award on his behalf.

*** Most people accept the proposition that we have a duty to protect animals in danger of extinction.


*** The governor refused to accept Wislet’s resignation.

*** I am quite willing to accept the consequences.



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