Nice Teachers Day Wishes & Messages for Mother (First Teachers)


On this special day, you honor not only your teachers, but also all those who have taught you something in life and MOTHERS are surely our first teachers.

Make it a special day for your mom with Teacher’s Day messages for mom. Let her know that you are your best mentor with Happy Teacher’s Day text messages and Happy Teacher’s Day wish cards.


Browse the collection of inspirational Teacher’s Day messages to wish your mother. With such beautiful and funny messages for Teacher’s Day, you can wish your mom on WhatsApp, Facebook to tell her that she has been a wonderful teacher for you.

Nice Teachers Day Wishes & Messages for Mother (First Teachers)

Teacher’s day message and wishes for mom

1. Mom, you are not only a mother to me, but also my first teacher…. Everything I’ve learned in life is thanks to you … I wish you a very happy teacher’s day.


2. All my scores, all my success is dedicated to a single person and that is you MOM because you are my teacher in every step of life…. Best wishes to you on Teacher’s Day.

3. When you find your favorite teacher in your life, you are blessed in the true sense…. I am extremely lucky because I have you as my mother and my best teacher…. Happy teacher’s day.

4. Teachers ‘Day celebrations are incomplete without wishing my encouraging mother who is the source of my inspiration and my energy … I wish you a Happy Teachers’ Day Mom.Use Teacher in a Sentence - How to use "Teacher" in a sentence

5. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful mother who is also the best teacher who is always there to guide me on the right path…. Best wishes to you on Teacher’s Day, Mom !!

6. Life is beautiful when your mother is your friend and also your teacher…. Thank you for bringing so many relationships into my life…. A very happy teacher’s day to you.

7. When I was born, I not only had a mother, but I also had my teacher who taught me the smallest of things I know … Thank you Mom and happy teacher’s day.


8. Life is very easy when you have someone who takes you by the hand, guides you and understands you and Mom, you are that person who does everything for me … I wish you a very happy teacher’s day.

9. The combination of a teacher and a mother is truly a blessing … You are truly the best mother and teacher I could have asked for … Best wishes to you on Teacher’s Day.

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10. I dedicate all my successes and accomplishments to my dear mother and my most inspiring teacher because of who I am where I am today …… Warm wishes to you on Teacher’s Day, Mom.

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