International Juggler’s Day (April 18) History, Fun Facts, and Activities


Learn about the history and origins of International Juggler’s Day, discover fun and interesting facts about juggling, and explore activities to celebrate this special day.

International Juggler’s Day is a holiday celebrated annually on April 18th to honor and promote the art of juggling. It’s a day dedicated to recognizing the skill, entertainment, and athletic abilities of jugglers around the world. Jugglers often mark the occasion by performing in public spaces or organizing events to showcase their talents, as well as offering workshops to teach others the art of juggling. The holiday also serves as a reminder of the importance of playfulness and creativity in our lives, as well as the benefits of physical activity and hand-eye coordination.

History of International Juggler’s Day

The history of International Juggler’s Day dates back to 1987, when the International Jugglers’ Association (IJA) first created the holiday to celebrate the art of juggling and raise awareness about the importance of juggling as a skill and a form of entertainment. The IJA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1947 that promotes and supports the art of juggling and helps to create opportunities for jugglers around the world.



The date of April 18th was chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the founding of the IJA. On this day, the IJA encourages its members and juggling enthusiasts to organize public events, performances, and workshops to showcase the art of juggling and inspire others to learn and appreciate it.

Over the years, International Juggler’s Day has grown in popularity and is now celebrated by jugglers and juggling organizations worldwide. It has become an opportunity for the juggling community to come together, share their skills and passion, and spread the joy of juggling to others.


Juggler Timeline

Here is a timeline of some significant events in the history of juggling:

  • Ancient Times: Depictions of juggling have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs and Greek pottery dating back to 2000 BCE.
  • Middle Ages: Jesters and troubadours in medieval Europe often included juggling in their performances to entertain crowds.
  • 1768: The first modern circus is established in London by Philip Astley, who also performed as a juggler on horseback.
  • Late 1800s: Juggling becomes a popular act in vaudeville shows and music halls in the United States and Europe.
  • 1947: The International Jugglers’ Association is founded in the United States to promote and support the art of juggling.
  • 1974: The first World Juggling Day is celebrated on June 16th to celebrate the art of juggling and raise awareness about its benefits.
  • 1980s: The art of juggling evolves with the introduction of new props such as devil sticks, diabolos, and contact juggling.
  • 1987: The International Jugglers’ Association establishes International Juggler’s Day to celebrate the art of juggling and raise awareness about its importance.
  • 1990s: Juggling gains popularity as a form of performance art, with the emergence of new styles such as comedy juggling and juggling with fire.
  • 21st Century: Juggling continues to evolve and diversify with the use of new technology and multimedia in performances, and the growth of online juggling communities and festivals.


International Juggler’s Day Activities

Here are some activities you can do to celebrate International Juggler’s Day:

  1. Learn to juggle: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced juggler, use this day as an opportunity to learn a new juggling trick or perfect your juggling skills.
  2. Attend a juggling event: Check online for local juggling events, festivals, or performances happening in your area. Attend a show or participate in a juggling workshop to learn from other jugglers.
  3. Perform in public: Take your juggling skills to the streets and perform in a public space to entertain and inspire others.
  4. Watch juggling videos: Watch videos of professional jugglers online to see their incredible feats and learn new tricks. Share your favorite videos with friends and family to spread the joy of juggling.
  5. Teach someone to juggle: Share your love of juggling with others by teaching a friend or family member how to juggle. It’s a fun and rewarding activity that promotes hand-eye coordination and focus.
  6. Create your own juggling routine: Get creative and choreograph your own juggling routine. Choose music that complements your style and showcase your skills to others.

Remember, International Juggler’s Day is all about celebrating the art of juggling and having fun with it. So get out there and juggle!



Interesting Fun Facts About Juggling

Here are some interesting fun facts about juggling:

  1. Juggling has been around for over 4,000 years, with the earliest known evidence of juggling depicted in ancient Egyptian tombs.
  2. Juggling can increase brain function, as it requires concentration, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.
  3. Juggling is considered a form of physical exercise, as it can improve cardiovascular health and burn calories.
  4. The world record for juggling three objects is currently held by Anthony Gatto, who juggled three balls for over 11 minutes.
  5. The word “juggling” comes from the Old French word “jogler”, meaning “to play a game”.
  6. Juggling can be done with a variety of objects, including balls, clubs, rings, knives, and even fire.
  7. Juggling has been used as a form of therapy for people with conditions such as autism and cerebral palsy, as it can improve focus, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills.
  8. Juggling is a popular art form in circus performances, with many famous circus performers known for their juggling skills.
  9. Juggling has its own international association, the International Jugglers’ Association (IJA), which was founded in 1947 to promote and support the art of juggling.
  10. Juggling is a great stress reliever, as it can help improve focus and clear the mind, making it a popular hobby for people of all ages.

Why We Love and Celebrate International Juggler’s Day

We love and celebrate International Juggler’s Day for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s a celebration of a unique and impressive skill: Juggling is a unique and impressive skill that requires focus, coordination, and practice. By celebrating International Juggler’s Day, we recognize and honor the hard work and dedication of jugglers around the world.
  2. It’s a fun and entertaining way to bring people together: Juggling is a fun and entertaining activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. By celebrating International Juggler’s Day, we can bring people together to share in the joy and excitement of juggling.
  3. It promotes physical and mental health: Juggling requires physical activity and mental focus, making it a great way to promote overall health and well-being. Celebrating International Juggler’s Day can encourage people to try juggling as a form of exercise and stress relief.
  4. It supports the juggling community: International Juggler’s Day is an opportunity to show support for the juggling community and to raise awareness about the importance of juggling as a form of entertainment, art, and therapy. By celebrating this day, we can help to create more opportunities for jugglers and inspire others to learn and appreciate this unique skill.

Overall, International Juggler’s Day is a celebration of the art and skill of juggling, and a recognition of the joy and benefits it can bring to people’s lives.


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