How old is Santa? Santa’s age was updated and accurate for 2023


Discover the age of Santa Claus, the beloved Christmas figure. Unravel the mystery behind Santa’s 1,753-year-old existence, from his humble human beginnings to his immortal status as a Demi-Angel.

1,753 years

San Nicolás, also known as Santa Claus, was born in an unknown month of 270 AD, so it would now be 1,753 years old.

How old is Santa?

San Nicolás, also known as Santa Claus, is believed to have been born in the year 270 AD, although the exact month of his birth remains shrouded in mystery. As of the year 2023, Santa Claus would be approximately 1,753 years old. It is widely speculated that the secrecy surrounding his birthdate is intended to protect Baby Claus from potential interference by notorious time travelers.

Saint Nicholas, the historical figure upon whom Santa Claus is partly based, passed away on St. Nicholas Day, December 6, 343 AD, at the age of 73. Despite being an immortal Demi-Angel, born from the union of an angel father and a human mother, Santa initially lived the first 73 years of his life as an ordinary human. This was a celestial requirement designed to prove his worthiness of assuming his Santa Claus powers.


It’s worth noting that Santa, in his mortal years, did not possess his full range of magical powers. He aged like any other human during this time. This was all part of a divine plan to test his mettle. However, his evil twin brother, Claudio, became consumed by jealousy and unleashed a terrible attack against Nicholas. Angelic forces, led by Santa’s father, Sarandiel, intervened and resurrected Nicholas as Santa Claus on Christmas Day, December 25, 343 AD.

If we consider only his life after this miraculous rebirth, then the supernatural being we know as Santa Claus would be 1,674 years old. Santa Claus, in his current form, celebrates both his original birth in this world and his resurrection on Christmas Day while spreading joy and goodwill through his global gift-giving tradition.

Upon his resurrection, Santa was imbued with additional powers because his father had ascended to the rank of Archangel in Heaven. This unique lineage makes Santa Claus the most potent paranormal being on Earth, the only known human-Archangel hybrid. He stands as a powerful force for good, directing the Christmas Spirit to bring feelings of joy, selflessness, and peace to humanity across the globe.

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