History of National Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 26) and Activities


National Take Your Dog to Work Day, celebrated annually on the Friday after Father’s Day (June 26), pays tribute to one of our most beloved pets.

Wouldn’t you agree, the hardest part of the day is leaving our four-legged fur babies behind as we head to the office? So when Pet Sitters International (PSI) came up with the idea of ​​taking them with us, how could we resist? Dogs rejoice even on the best days, so it’s pretty obvious that they will exponentially increase the fun factor at work. When you run out the door, don’t forget your briefcase and a dog bag. See you in the office!


But if you get the green light from your business, this vacation is a great way to show your dog to your coworkers. National Take Your Dog to Work Day began in 1999 as a way to celebrate companion dogs and encourage adoptions. Having your dog working with you all day can make it a little difficult to do all your chores. But having the dog with you can allow you to interact with your coworkers in a whole new way, since the dog is a great icebreaker. Present that idea of ​​promoting better communication and teamwork for your boss, and you can convince him to let you have Fido sitting by his desk celebrating this holiday.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 26)

History of National Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 26)

First recognized in 1999, National Take Your Dog to Work Day celebrates our immense love for dogs. But our worship of man’s best friend was not the only reason PSI suggested the vacation. National Take Your Dog to Work Day is also deftly promoting pet adoption. Through these work events, non-pet owners witness the special bond that their coworkers have with their pets and, hopefully, they are forced to adopt a new best friend of their own.


Cue local animal shelters and rescue groups. With nearly 4 million dogs entering shelters in the United States each year, animal rescue has become a major cause among Americans. Businesses care about what their employees care about and, of course, we care about dogs. Therefore, businesses benefit from engaging from a community outreach perspective and from an improved employee engagement perspective.

Around 300 companies organized a National Take Your Dog to Work Day event in 1999 and the popularity of the holidays has grown steadily since then. Twenty years later, more than 63 million homes in the US USA They own at least one dog and the pet industry is estimated to have generated more than $ 70 billion in 2019. Our dogs (and cats) are familiar and we pamper them as much as any other child. In response, we now see dog-friendly companies, without limiting the number of days an employee can take Buddy to work to just one.

So, raise the WOOF and get ready to host a National Take Your Dog to Work Day event where you work with these great ideas and resources.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 26) Timeline

2019 – We have them covered
Today, there are more than 2 million pets insured in the US. And 15% of American companies offer pet insurance as a benefit to their employees.

1999 – Let’s start this leg!
Pet Sitter’s International presents National Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Mid 1700s: man’s best friend
The first reference to the saying “man’s best friend” was allegedly made by Frederick, King of Prussia in the mid-1700s while talking about one of his Italian Greyhounds.


15,000 years ago – Dogs on the hunt
The domestication of dogs is believed to have begun more than 15,000 years ago through critical dog-hunter relationships.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 26)

National Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 26) Faqs

Why do dogs not like rain?
Dogs have keen listening skills, and rain amplifies sounds that can be bothersome to some.

Why does my dog ​​smell the air?
Dogs smell the air when they smell something out of place; it could be an unknown person or prey.

How much play time does my dog ​​need?
While it varies by breed, age, and other factors, most dogs need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day; Active breeds need 30 minutes of intense play each day.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 26) Activities

Support a local shelter
A key aspect of the vacation is philanthropic efforts to support local animal shelters and rescue dogs through adoption. Ask employees to “pay” to bring your dog to work with money or donated items. Invite a representative from a local shelter to participate in your event to showcase your mission, share success stories, and provide details of the dogs available for adoption.

Find a new job
So your employer is not dog friendly? Maybe it’s time to move on to greener dog parks. Well, if not now, definitely next time you look. These companies were considered more dog-friendly in 2019, where every day is National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Learn during lunch
If your employer rejects the idea of ​​dogs at work, convince them to get involved through animal education. Take your cat to work day is Monday of this week (also known as Take your pet to work week), so all animal lovers would appreciate an interesting discussion about pet care or the trends of pets during lunch.

National Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 26)


Puppy Proof Office
Save things that dogs can chew or eat that could be harmful to them or damage the office (chocolate, poisonous plants, electrical wires, or equipment)


Get the “all clear”
Nine percent of the population suffers from cynophobia, the irrational fear of dogs; Acknowledge people who are allergic to or fear dogs and explain how the day can be fun even for them.

Pack bags for dogs
No party is complete without a draw; give each puppy a bag of treats and small toys

Vote for the best dog
Give fun prizes to the best outfit, best dog trick, smallest dog, tallest dog, and other fun categories.

Strut Your Mutt
Plan the time during your National Take Your Dog to Work Day for a pet parade; A great way for everyone to mingle and strut around.


Dogs create a state of mind
Many people love their dog more than they love other humans. Dogs provide unconditional love and companionship. Not only do they brighten our day, but they also lower our blood pressure at the end of a stressful one. Begin to reign in that work stress by taking them to work.

We love to have fun at work.
People who have fun at work are more likely to stay on the job longer, be more dedicated to their employer, and consistently do their best. This vacation is a win-win!

Dogs also like to work
Our relationship with dogs started from a working relationship: they helped the hunter. His resume is quite impressive: pastor, protector, guide, service provider, sniff detector. Maybe they should get paid to go work with you!

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