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Kick off your New Year with fun New Years messages and fun New Years messages. Spread smiles and laughter around you with funny New Year’s jokes that tickle funny bones.

First Good Morning of New Year Wishes, Greetings Message

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These fun Happy New Year wishes are a perfect idea to include in your Happy New Year greetings and wishes for friends, relatives, relatives and everyone.


New collection of fun New Years resolution messages and fun Happy New Year statuses. Funny New Years resolution quotes and one line jokes that make the most amazing wishes to share.

Funny New Years Jokes

  • We always hope that the New Year is a year of changes… .. Except the calendar, nothing changes in the New Year…. Don’t forget to change your calendar my friend.
  • Every new year, I wake up asking the same question as how did I get home?
    New Year Traditions Around The World

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Funny new year jokes

  • I promised to give up all my habits on New Years, but then I realized that the world hates those who quit.
  • My wife has yet to tell me what my New Years resolution is for next year.

Funny New Years Wish Messages One Liner

  • I wish all your troubles last as long as your New Years resolutions last.
  • I can get through another Christmas season without having to kill everyone I hate.

Funny New Years Eve Jokes

  • It’s New Years Eve, which means you only have a few hours left to do the things you plan not to do in the New Year.
  • I plan to have a New Years resolution that I can keep – I will not diet next year.

Funny New Years Resolution Jokes

  • The best way to never have to break any of your New Year’s resolutions is to not make any!
  • My resolution this year is to make all my friends gain 10 pounds so I can look and feel slimmer.
    New Years Eve Ideas - Best Ideas to Celebrate New Year's Eve 2021

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Funny new year wishes

  • May you have all the strength to write “Who is this?” To all the unknown numbers that wish you “Happy New Year”.
  • The best thing about the new year is that we all know that everything is going to be the same but we still celebrate it.
  • Forecast for New Years Eve: mostly drunk with high chances of fainting.


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