Bad Valentine’s Day Gifts (Do you see where I’m going with this?)


At this moment, dozens of companies have been knocking on your door and invading your inbox, reminding you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

I can not tell you how stressful this is. You are pushing to achieve something super romantic on February 14th. As I have said many times, I consider myself a romantic at heart. I try every day to remind my wife how much it means to me. However, on Valentine’s Day, the anxiety of showing your loved one how much they mean to you, tends to be exactly that … how much?


And therein lies the problem of celebrating a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day that would make Nicholas Sparks: “This guy is a guardian!”

Bad Valentine's Day Gifts (Do you see where I'm going with this?)

As you prepare to ruin your brain and your wallet, to get ideas that will make your loved one scream with joy, let me give you some advice: slow down.


Finding the perfect romantic gift is not that easy, but being a disaster is. So with that, check out my 3 quick and dirty tips on how to avoid the bad Valentine’s gift:

Did you spend how much?

The cost is a big problem when it comes to gifts for Valentine’s Day. People tend to overdo it due to the “offers” and “theft” and “limited time” opportunities offered at this time of year. Did we just finish with Christmas and Hanukkah?

My friend Kenny spent $ 1,000, which he did not have, on his girlfriend’s Valentine’s gift (jewelry and flowers). He thought he was going to score big points for his exaggerated gesture and that would leave him out of reach of gifts for the rest of the year. He was wrong. On her birthday, only two months later, the bride was expecting an even greater gift than the one she gave him on February 14. Then, on his first anniversary, a month after that, an even bigger gift … and he was not even close to Christmas! Kenny was feeling the pressure to maintain his high roller status, but financially he could not afford it.

This happens all the time. We bet on a gift, thinking that it is enough for the year, only to discover that the other person thinks that it is only the beginning. You tend to forget that the year is long and there are many parties and events along the way.

Bad Valentine's Day Gifts (Do you see where I'm going with this?)

However, let’s say that Valentine’s Day is “your thing”, and you want to be great that day. If so, I suggest you make sure your partner knows that you may not be financially able to do the same in the next few months. But if your partner says, “What, you mean, this is it?” I suggest two things: once, empty them. And secondly … well, just stick to number one.


The gifts come from the heart, not from the wallet. If you decide to go for Valentine’s Day, go ahead, however, make sure you have a conversation about the future so you will not be surprised two months later, saying, “What, you wanted something more than this.” frame? … Well, remember the diamond necklace I bought you in February, only two months ago … “

No pets

How many times have you seen a commercial with a Golden Retriever puppy that bounces jumping out of a bright red box and into the arms of a beautiful woman? The announcement may not even be for Valentine’s Day, but it makes people think, “I bet my loved one would like that too!” Yes, in fact yes. But is a puppy the best surprise gift? For me, this seems like a decision they make together.

Pets are a big responsibility! In fact, huge is a euphemism. My dog ​​is amazing and I love him very much, but we work to satisfy his needs. We do this because we plan to achieve it and we are ready to do what is necessary to make your life happy. However, when you surprise someone with a pet as a gift, it is very difficult to return it. Yes, you may have always wanted a puppy, but now? What about your work schedule? Can they be home for that? And the puppy’s food and health needs? Are you prepared for it? And you for the matter? If you can not emphatically accept all of these, I recommend that you keep the pet as a Valentine’s gift.

Bad Valentine's Day Gifts (Do you see where I'm going with this?)

However, if you are determined to follow the puppy’s route, here is one thing you can do: get a toy puppy instead. Listen to me. Buy your loved one a stuffed animal from a puppy, then add a picture of a puppy (any picture you make) along with a card that says, “Let’s spread our hearts to a furry little friend like this guy!” Even let them know that you did your research and have some websites prepared. And then mention the discussion about how much you want to get a puppy and share the roles. Here it looks very charming to mention it and now you can properly plan the right time to get it.

If you really need help with pets, you should also ask my expert partner in Quick and Dirty Tips, The Dog Trainer. She has tons of information about raising a puppy.

Who is the gift is this?

Last year, my friend Randy bought his wife a new grill for her terrace as a gift for Valetina Day. Randy loves to grill and the previous one had run its course. It was time for an improvement and that’s why he chose Valentine’s Day as the occasion to give his wife a new one. Let me repeat that, HE (Randy) needed a new grill, and I decided to buy one for his wife as a gift from his Valentine’s Day.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Oh, another small detail: Randy’s wife never cooked anything on the grill, ever. But Randy thought she would be amazed with the gift. I mean, what’s more romantic than 600 pounds of metal and gas, right? He even threw some Omaha steaks to sweeten the deal. Randy, you, romantic devil, you.

Look friends, you do not have to be the best gift giver in the world, but at least you should receive a gift that is for the desired person, and not for you. It would be as if Randy’s wife gave him a new pair of high-heeled shoes. Clearly, I would never use them. The same with the grill. Randy chose to splurge for what he needed, not for what she wanted. Yes, they needed a new grill, but it was not the appropriate gift for Valentine’s Day. That is not even a gift. It’s just a Sunday trip to Sears … any Sunday.

Bad Valentine's Day Gifts (Do you see where I'm going with this?)


When you go to buy your Valentine’s Day gift, think from the heart and focus on the preferences of your Valentine’s Day card. Do not think about what they need, either. This is not a “Well, I knew you needed new carpets for your car, so …” type of vacation. The gift must express your love (regardless of its cost). If you go with what you need or want, well, most likely you have a lonely afternoon.

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