10 Characteristics Of Motivation, Unveiling the Power of Motivation, 10 Key Characteristics


Discover the 10 essential characteristics of motivation and how they drive individuals to achieve their goals and reach new heights. #Motivation #Achievement

Motivation is the set of stimuli that move people to perform certain actions or to assume certain attitudes and persist in them. The motivation has been studied with intensity from the psychology, since it has been seen that it has an important impact on human behavior, both individually and as a group.

The phenomenon of motivation is of vital importance in the field of education and in the workplace, allowing to achieve better results. Motivation is also a prominent phenomenon to which marketing gives great attention.

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Characteristics Of Motivation

1. Internal psychological process

Motivation is a psychological phenomenon that can not be measured or observed directly, it can only be evaluated through the behaviors it triggers and the results it achieves.


2. Individual phenomenon

Although many people may be motivated by applying the same stimuli, many others may react in a different way than expected, so it is important to know to whom the motivation is directed.

3. Complex

The motivation is quite complex analysis, since it integrates cognitive and affective aspects, as well as conscious and unconscious.

4. Extrinsic or intrinsic

There is talk of extrinsic motivation when it comes from the outside, generally associated with a reward (material or not). On the contrary, the intrinsic motivation is due to factors or internal impulses of the subject.

10 Characteristics Of Motivation - What Does Motivation Mean?

5. Intentional or proactive

Being oriented towards a goal or objective clearly stated a priori (which may be: sell more, produce more, learn a language, master a sport, etc.), motivation achieves a positive attitude and makes the task face with energy . Often the person achieves a comforting sense of control over the activity he performs and the results he gets.

6. Generates active and persistent behaviors

It is logical to think that the stronger the stimulus or the need that triggers the behavior, the greater the energy put in that direction, as well as the persistence in achieving achievement.

7. Generates self-esteem

Motivation takes the individual out of natural inertia to always do the same, in the same way, when raising new challenges. The possibility of striving to achieve new goals renews self-confidence and contributes to self-esteem.


8. It feeds

The motivation process triggered by internal or external determinants moves the behavior in a certain direction, and when interacting with the environment, it creates a feedback system, where the others join the attitude of overcoming.

9. Motivation is not Pressure

In the field of work above all, there is a very big difference between motivation and pressure: in fact a good group leader will know how to transform the usual factors of pressure into instruments of motivation, which will result in a clear benefit.

10 Characteristics Of Motivation - What Does Motivation Mean?

10. Motivation factors

The human being is subject to different triggers of behavior, which are therefore considered mechanisms of motivation. They are divided into two main types:

Biological: Organic-based products are included here, which simply seek to satisfy innate physiological needs (hunger, thirst, sexual impulse, need for rest, etc.), so they are considered universal, beyond slight intersubject variations.
Social: They are linked to the internal needs of people as social subjects. Social factors can be:
Achievement: it is what drives the individual to grow, to achieve excellence within what he does.
Affiliation: it is what drives the individual to seek better interpersonal relationships.
Power: is what drives the human being to gain influence over other people or the situations that surround them. This type of motivation can be harmful.
Self-realization: it is linked to the improvement of skills and abilities.
Recognition: it is linked to the search for recognition or admiration.

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