What is Emotional Intelligence? How is it defined? What are the Importance and Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence?


What is Emotional Intelligence? How is it defined? What are the general characteristics of emotional intelligence? How is it developed? Why is it important to humans? General information about emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand and manage emotions correctly, in a way that facilitates relationships with others, the achievement of goals and objectives, the management of stress or overcoming obstacles.

Before any event that happens in your life, emotions, both positive and negative, will be there, and can help you and make you happy or sink into the most absolute pain, depending on how you are able to handle them.

People with high emotional intelligence do not necessarily have fewer negative emotions, but when they appear, they know how to handle them better. They also have a greater capacity to identify them and know what they are feeling exactly and also a high capacity to identify what others feel. By identifying and understanding emotions better, they are able to use them to relate better to others (empathy), be more successful in their work and lead more satisfying lives.

Emotional Intelligence

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Characteristics of people with high emotional intelligence

Identify your own emotions They are able to identify their emotions and know what they are feeling in each moment and why, and realize how they influence their behavior and their thinking.


Management of emotions. They are able to control their impulses, they are not easily carried away by emotional outbursts, they know how to calm themselves when their emotions are especially negative and intense and they know how to adapt to changing circumstances.

Identify the emotions of others. They have a high capacity to understand the emotions, needs and concerns of others, know how to put themselves in the place of others and understand points of view different from their own. They have a high capacity to recognize the dynamics of a group, to relate to others, because they know how they feel and can act on it in the best way possible. For this reason, others are comfortable at their side, because they feel understood and respected. They also have a high capacity for maintaining good relationships, influencing others, communicating clearly, managing conflicts and working as a team. Thus, they often have a high social intelligence as well.

The importance of emotional intelligence

The most successful people in their lives are those with a higher emotional intelligence, not necessarily those with a higher IQ. This is because emotions, when not handled correctly, can end up destroying the life of a person, preventing him from having satisfactory relationships, limiting his progress at work, etc. In general, emotional intelligence:

Helps to succeed in all those areas of life that involve relating to others and favors the maintenance of more satisfying relationships.

It helps to maintain better health by being able to better manage stress and negative emotions such as anxiety, without letting them get too much or too long. Stress that is not handled correctly can have a negative impact on mental health, making you more vulnerable to anxiety and depression disorders. In addition, the person who does not handle their emotions well has many more emotional ups and downs and mood swings that harm their relationships and their functioning.

It helps to relate better with others. People with high emotional intelligence are better able to express what they feel to others and understand what others feel. This allows them to communicate more effectively and create deeper relationships, both in their personal and professional lives.


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