What is Christmas? Why is Christmas Celebrated?


Christmas parties with children and the whole family. You can not talk about Christmas without noticing the holidays, gifts or Christmas decorations.

In spite of the conflictive situations and extreme poverty that extend throughout the world, when Christmas arrives, optimism and hope take over all of us.


The Christmas spirit makes us feel closer to others and recover that childish spirit that we leave aside for the rest of the year. And what better way to do it than to gather the whole family to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, the arrival of Santa Claus or the Day of Kings.

What is Christmas? Why is Christmas Celebrated?

What is Christmas for children

Why is Christmas celebrated? The word Christmas comes from the Latin ‘nativita’, which means birth. The reason for this celebration is centered on the birth of the Child Jesus, son of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph; For this reason it includes a message of hope, union, peace and love.


When is Christmas celebrated? Historians believe that the actual date on which the Child Jesus was born was in April or May, however, traditionally the Catholic Church celebrates it on December 25 and the Orthodox on January 7. During the time of Advent, which is the days before December 25, Christians prepare for that moment by renewing their beliefs and commitments.

The meaning of Christmas for Christian children

What differentiates the Christmas holidays from others? In these days of celebration, the houses, buildings, streets and squares are dressed with bright and colorful Christmas figures that make many hearts are filled with new and renewed hopes and hopes.

Why is Christmas so important for children? And for children, these Christmas holidays involve many moments of magic and fantasy. During Christmas there are several very significant events.

Meaning of Christian Christmas Traditions

How is Christmas celebrated? It is traditional to gather the whole family for dinner on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve or Christmas Day or Kings Day; send and receive Christmas cards, ‘Christmas’, to our acquaintances to congratulate them Easter; Expect with great expectation the arrival of Santa Claus and the Magi; ride the Bethlehem and the Christmas tree; decorate windows, doors and walls with bells, candles, angels or any Christmas figurine.


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