Valentines Messages for Boyfriend and Him Love Wishes


Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration of love and loving relationships. The day occurs every year on February 14 and is celebrated around the world as Valentine’s Day.

Couples, whether married or single, celebrate this day by sending gifts to their partners and also sending wishes for them through different ways. The bride sends loving Valentine’s Day wishes to her boyfriend along with gifts of her choice to make her feel good.


She finds the romantic Valentine’s Day wishes, images and messages for the boyfriend. This is a special and unique Valentine’s Day for lovers. With the beautiful collection of new relationship messages, send your love in these Valentine messages to my new boyfriend. Share these messages, greetings and wishes on Facebook, WhatsApp.

Valentines Messages for Boyfriend and Him Love Wishes

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Some of the Sample Valentine Messages for Boyfriend Examples to be sent in different ways are given below:

Romantic Valentine messages for boyfriend

The most beautiful Valentine’s messages for the boyfriend full of love. Share flirty Valentine’s Day love quotes and messages with him. With these Valentine messages for boyfriend and Happy Valentine’s day, make it a beautiful day for him. Send him these heartwarming Valentine’s messages and fun Valentine’s messages that will make him laugh.

  • “My dream came true when you came into my life. Now every day is a dream come true. Happy Valentine’s Day dear “.
  • “There is no loneliness in my heart when I am with you. No tears run down my cheeks when you are in my heart. You filled my heart with love and romance. Happy Valentine’s Day dear “.
  • “To my ex boyfriend, I send him happy and beautiful Valentine’s wishes for a good celebration. I wish you get all the love in your life that you deserve the best. “
  • “For my boyfriend who lives on the other side of the miles, through our love transcends borders, our feelings of love unite us much stronger today and forever.”

Valentine wishes for your boyfriend

Make it a perfect day for your beloved boyfriend with Valentine messages for boyfriend. Wish him / her with Valentine messages full of love. Express your love in the beautiful Happy Valentine’s Day quotes. You can even receive the warm Valentine messages with love on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.

Valentines Messages for Boyfriend and Him Love Wishes

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  • “I want the love between us to grow with each passing day and our bond to strengthen over time. Hopefully we are united for life. I wish you a beautiful and romantic Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. “
  • “A smile appears on my face when I see you. A spark enters my eyes when I kiss you. You really make my world go round with your love. Thanks for being in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. “
  • “This text message carries all my love and cute Valentine’s Day wishes for my boyfriend who lives far away. I wish our love to be deeper and stronger. “
  • “For a boyfriend who stays a long distance, this message conveys love and best wishes for a happy Valentine’s Day celebration. I hope our love becomes much stronger and more united. “

Valentine’s Day Texting for Him

  • “To the love of my life, I promise to always love you, always spend each and every Valentine with you. I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day my love. “
  • “Just as fragrance is for flowers, I am for you because there is nothing else in this world that completes me like you. Much love to you and happy Valentine’s Day. “
  • “Wishing a very happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet love. When you are around it is like a spring season for me with happiness and joy everywhere. “

Thank you message for boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

  • “This Valentine’s Day I want to thank you for being a boyfriend who has accepted me with my flaws and who always makes me feel special. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. “
  • “I wish a very happy Valentine’s Day to my boyfriend who has always supported me and has never given up on me. Thanks for all the love.”
  • “It is the strength of your love and your faith that empowers me to do the impossible. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and a big thank you for being so sweet. ”
    Valentines Messages for Boyfriend and Him Love Wishes

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Funny Valentine’s Day messages for him

  • “Warm wishes on Valentine’s Day to the man I love the most. Your presence in my life is like a blessing from the Almighty. “
  • “This Valentine’s Day I hope you show me that you love me by taking me shopping. I love you a lot.”
  • “There is no boyfriend in this world as sweet as you, as adorable as you, as loving as you. And there is no girlfriend in this world as a liar as me. Happy Valentines Day.”

Valentine’s WhatsApp Status for Boyfriend

  • “To the love and respect that you have in your heart, I can only say that you make me a better person. Happy Valentine’s Day to you my love. “
  • “I wish a very happy Valentine’s Day to my boyfriend, who is the reason behind my smiles and the reason my soul shines.”
  • “Love is about bringing out the best in your lover and I am grateful to you for helping me find myself when I was lost. Have a very happy Valentine’s Day. “

Valentine messages for long distance boyfriend

The long distance relationship is where the bride and groom stay in distant lands and are framed and in a relationship. In a long distance relationship, naughty communication takes place through calls and text messages between them.

Valentines Messages for Boyfriend and Him Love Wishes

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  • “To my boyfriend who stays away, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day celebration. I want our love to grow with each passing day so that our relationship is more fruitful. “

Valentine messages for distant boyfriend

A boyfriend can stay away from a girlfriend because of her work or studies, requiring him to stay away somewhere else. In that way, the romantic communication between them is through calls and text messages and wishes can be sent through text messages.

  • “To my dear boyfriend who is far away, I send all my love and a happy Valentine’s Day celebration. I hope you celebrate the special day of love well and I pray that our love and our relationship will grow stronger. “

Valentine’s Day Messages for Boyfriends Across the Miles

A girl can have a boyfriend who lives miles away. They can be from different countries or far away places in the same country. Communication for the couple where the groom stays on the other side of the miles, funny wishes can be sent via text messages and gifts for him can be sent by messenger to make him feel special.

  • “To my boyfriend who is staying away from me, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and send you all my love. May our love grow stronger and more fruitful over time my dear. “

Valentine’s Day messages for ex boyfriend

Ex boyfriend is the one with whom you had a romantic relationship before. The ex-boyfriend can remain a good friend if he no longer has a romantic relationship with the girl. Valentine’s Day wishes for ex boyfriend can be sent via text message to make him feel good and still take care of the girl.

  • “Through this beautiful text message, I send you happy and sweet Valentine’s Day wishes. I wish you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration full of good times. “

Valentine’s message for a new boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14. This is a beautiful day of love that gives you the opportunity to tell your new boyfriend what he means to you. Share with him simple Valentine’s Day love messages full of love or romantic Valentine’s Day messages for your new boyfriend.

  • “We have just started our new journey of love, trust, companionship and affection…. I wish it was the best of all trips…. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. “
  • “On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, I want to thank God for sending you into my life and making it a perfect life for me … I love you very much my new boyfriend.”
  • “You came into my life and everything changed forever … Greetings to our new relationship and a very warm and wonderful Valentine’s Day to you.”
  • “Let’s make this Valentine’s Day a memorable day because it is the first and very special…. Let’s spend beautiful memories together. “
  • “May we always walk through life hand in hand…. May there be romance and trust in our love forever … I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day my love. “

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