Use Zip in a Sentence, How to use “Zip” in a sentence


Use Zip in a sentence. How to use the word Zip in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Zip. Sentence for Zip.

Use Zip in a Sentence - How to use "Zip" in a sentence

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Examples of Zip in a sentence

  1. A first look at the Search page after your initial logon to reveals that Members residing in the United States have the “Location Criteria – Search By Distance” function set to a 100-mile default radius from their ZIP code.
  2. If you wish to search using a mileage radius from a ZIP code other than yours, you will need to remove the pre-designated ZIP code.
  3. We arrange the list to show Members in order from closest to furthest from the originating ZIP code.
  4. However, Members who are also US residents do NOT need to change the “Distance to Match” or “ZIP code” fields to use the International portion of the Search.
  5. allows you to search for Members in specific states, cities, ZIP codes or any combination of these categories.
  6. Second, because Guests are not registered Members of, they will not find their ZIP codes (US Guests) or City and Country (International Guests) pre-selected on the search form.
  7. Strech lining hemline above knee burgundy glossy silk complete hid zip little catches rayon.
  8. Scipio—“Zip,” for short—was not ill-natured, but then who loves too much teasing?
  9. Zip had his own place for a quiet nap, and, when stretched upon the grass under the big linden, preferred not to be disturbed.
  10. I suspended the sham insect from a limb of the tree so that it would hang directly over Zip’s face as he lay on the ground, and by a black thread that could not be seen I could draw it up or let it down at pleasure.
  11. Social media helps identify Nashville man accused of storming Capitol, bringing zip ties


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