Use You Have in a Sentence, How to use “You Have” in a sentence


How to use the word You have in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word You have.

Use You Have in a Sentence - How to use "You Have" in a sentence


Examples of You have in a sentence

  1. *** Once you have retrieved your password, go back to and logon.
  2. *** If you have a new or different e-mail address that you would like to use, please choose Edit Account Information from the Member’s Console located on the left-hand side of most screens.
  3. *** When you have made your selection, click “Update.”
  4. *** You must always log on to to find out whether you have new messages and to read them.
  5. *** An e-mail message box will appear from your e-mail server if you have specified your mail preferences.
  6. *** You have two options.
  7. *** In order for Robomatch to save your search preferences, you MUST click one of the search buttons after you have checked the “Robomatch” box.
  8. *** You have fairly indefinite opinions about the question.
  9. *** You have a skillful way of inserting your comb, which favors the skin.
  10. *** You have to accept the ebb and flow of love in a relationship.
  11. *** You have the right to a gift, whether you accept our insurance offer or not.
  12. *** You have to accept the logic of your argument.
  13. *** Blow the vision of the rain, so that you have a bright rainbow.
  14. *** If you have doubts about any aspect of this document, you should consult your authorized securities agent, bank manager, lawyer, professional accountant or other professional adviser.
  15. *** You have to report to the accountant tomorrow.
  16. *** Now it will be the famous collection of the latest love ideas what you have to do about it.
  17. *** I hereby condemn you for life after all charges against you have been proven true.
  18. *** When you have finished using the ax, replace it.
  19. *** You have an egg in your chin.
  20. *** You have an egg on your shirt.

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