Yellow in a Sentence

How to use the word Yellow in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Yellow.

Definition of Yellow

of the color between green and orange in the spectrum, a subtractive primary color complementary to blue; colored like ripe lemons or egg yolks.
Yellow in a Sentence

Examples of Yellow in a sentence

*** The paint we use for the bathroom is white with a yellow tint.

*** The warm atmosphere of the reception area in the advertising agency is due to the yellow and orange tones used on the walls.


*** At the time of surgery, diffuse white spongy nodules were found in the retina, markedly lined arteries and a well-defined yellow subretinal abscess in the inferior fundus.

*** There is a liquefiable center with yellow pus surrounded by a thin wall.

*** Populations of yellow cedar, a species of tree that is common in northwestern North America, have been declining steadily for more than a century, since about 1880.

*** Wood species include yellow cedar, red cedar, western hemlock, douglas fir, white oak, maple and Fokien cypress.


*** I was surprised by the decoration: geometric patterns of bright red, yellow and green colors that shouted from each wall.

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*** The walls were painted with alternating stripes of yellow and green.

*** Ashley: Mm. Good luck. Men of Peggy’s caliber do not exactly take ads in the Yellow Pages.

*** Their yellow flowers-have four petals, and they are borne in terminal clusters.


*** The electromagnetic radiation that gives the sensation of yellow has a wavelength centered at about 5750 angstroms, although this value varies somewhat from one person to another.

*** This plant produces golden yellow flowers that turn into small inedible fruits.

*** One species, H. fulva, is tawny orange; another, II. flava, is clear lemon yellow in color and is often called “lemon lily.”

*** Among the most popular crocuses are cloth-of-gold, Crocus susianus, which has yellow and brown flowers; C. biflorus, which has purple flowers, often with deep stripes; the lavender C. tomasinianus; and C. imperati, which has white or lilac flowers marked by three purple stripes.


*** They have red or red-and-yellow beaks and dark-brown plumage, lighter below.

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