Use Wouldn’t in a Sentence, How to use “Wouldn’t” in a sentence


Use Wouldn’t in a sentence. How to use the word Wouldn’t in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Wouldn’t. Sentence for Wouldn’t.

Use Wouldn't in a Sentence - How to use "Wouldn't" in a sentence

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Definition of Wouldn’t

  • would not.

Examples of Wouldn’t in a sentence

  1. “Jonas,” said Josey, “I wouldn’t go.”
  2. No, I think it very likely that you wouldn’t.
  3. “O, no, I wouldn’t,” said Josey; “let us go.
  4. “You said that the snow wouldn’t be a foot deep by midnight,” said Josey.
  5. There is a certain similarity between them, but I wouldn’t really have guessed that they were brother and sister.
  6. My mother was very proud. She wouldn’t accept charity.
  7. The surprising thing is that I wouldn’t accept any money!
  8. Thatcherism was widely seen at the time as a crazy right-wing aberration that people wouldn’t endure for long.
  9. “Why no,”–said Phonny, “but I wish he wouldn’t do it. “
  10. It means that you’ve been dreaming, or you wouldn’t talk about being betrayed, a prisoner.
  11. I wouldn’t go and be shut up with that old prig, poring over books forever.
  12. “O no,” said Marco, “I wouldn’t do such a thing for the world.
  13. Why, I ordered them right, but they wouldn’t obey.
  14. “Why, you see,” said Josey, “that Oliver wouldn’t help me put on a great log.”
  15. She poured out some coffee from a coffee-pot, and put in some milk and sugar, and then brought it to Jonas, and asked him if he wouldn’t like a little coffee.
  16. “I wouldn’t go, Jonas,” said Josey, “if I were you. It is going to be a great storm.”
  17. “Half an hour wouldn’t be enough,” said Amos.
  18. It wouldn’t be enough for the boys to live as expensively as they have been living while at home.
  19. “I wouldn’t lead him over there,” said Oliver.
  20. “Well,” said Rollo, “I’ll ask him why you wouldn’t tell me where his father lives.”


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