Use Words in a Sentence, How to use “Words” in a sentence


Use Words in a sentence. How to use the word Words in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Words.

Use Words in a Sentence - How to use "Words" in a sentence


Examples of Words in a sentence

  1. *** A wave broke over him and his words were lost.
  2. *** It’s a great way for you to describe, in your own words, who you are and the type of person you’re looking for.
  3. *** Can’t seem to find the right words?
  4. *** Look below to see some Sample Headlines and Descriptive Words to get you started.
  5. *** Here the conditions of the two men are grasped in verbal units of equal length linked by alliteration of the contrasting words.
  6. *** Look for words and concepts such as abacus, Thales’ theorem, the obtuse triangle and much more in this special place.
  7. *** Donald had come to the conclusion that he had no choice but to accept Richard’s words as the truth.
  8. *** Your words fall like acid rain on the wounded petals of my heart.
  9. *** Words are the elements of a sentence.
  10. *** She omitted three words when she copied the sentence and the result was nonsense.
  11. *** This book guides us in the use of words and idioms in English.
  12. *** And the identification of words is a prerequisite for understanding?
  13. *** The answer surprised him so much that for a moment he was lost by the words.
  14. *** I was never a great reader. I am a slow reader, which is unusual, because I love language and I love words. But it’s hard for me to read …
  15. *** In other words, innumerable trillions of alternate universes shoot up at every moment of time.
  16. *** The sentimental words on the cards tell mothers why they are appreciated.
  17. *** Foolish stones without words but sentimental, spirit is for cultivation.
  18. *** His words were indistinguishable.
  19. *** Once again, the language of the network has a great formulation of words with phrases of arbitrariness, easy to deceive that they do not even understand.
  20. *** Misused words often generate deceptive thoughts.
  21. *** The image of a stutterer’s words colliding with each other as they try to get out and enter a sentence is a fairly convincing notion.

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