Use Wine in a Sentence, How to use “Wine” in a sentence


Use Wine in a sentence. How to use the word Wine in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Wine. Sentence for Wine.



Examples of Wine in a sentence

  1. The wine shows a balanced chocolate aroma , cranberry and cedar.
  2. The soil produced all kinds of fruits and even wine, but not olives.
  3. A wonderful wine that will combine with meat dishes.
  4. Drain the rest of the wine from this barrel.
  5. Wine escapes from the barrel.
  6. He tasted the cheapest wine and found it indistinguishable from a superior one.
  7. If you do not abstain from beer and wine, you are making trouble.
  8. The gastronomic itinerary will start with a glass of champagne, a liquor or a glass of wine.
  9. If you do not abstain from beer and wine, you are making trouble.
  10. Orthodox Christians often do not eat meat and dairy products during Advent, and depending on the day, also olive oil, wine and fish.
  11. Being thirsty, Parsondes asked for wine; they gave it, took care of his horse, and invited him to take food–an invitation agreeable to Parsondes, who had been hunting the whole day.
  12. Then he ate of the various kinds of food set before him, and drank abundantly of the excellent wine, and at last asked for his horse in order to return to the king.
  13. He agreed, and as soon as, overcome by hunting, wine, and love he had fallen into a deep sleep, the cooks bound him, and brought him to Annarus.
  14. According to Xenophon’s description, the Persians in ancient times were much occupied in the chase, and in riding; they only ate once in the day, and at their banquets goblets might indeed be seen, but no pitchers of wine.
  15. Being hard pressed on his retreat he abandoned his camp with large stores of every kind, especially of wine.


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