Use Which in a Sentence, How to use “Which” in a sentence


Use Which in a sentence. How to use the word Which in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Which. Sentence for Which.

Use Which in a Sentence - How to use "Which" in a sentence


Examples of Which in a sentence

  1. The language of the Basques, which is apparently unrelated to any other language.
  2. Treatment depended on the use of serums, which were developed to combat specific infections, and the condition usually led to an acute stage with a definite “crisis,” in which the patient appeared near collapse.
  3. The Mont Blanc massif forms part of the French-Italian frontier, which follows the line of the highest crests.
  4. To find the blood-gorged ticks, flies, and fly larvae on which they feed, tickbirds crawl on the bodies of rhinoceroses, giraffes, buffaloes, and other wild hoofed mammals as well as domestic cattle.
  5. I have had two job offers, and I am in a real dilemma about which one to accept.
  6. Anselm presented an ontological test, which again emphasized Descartes, who, starting from the first principles, proved the existence of God in a philosophical way.
  7. The Leibnizian concept of reality always begins with logic and metaphysics, from which one works on increasingly external ontological orders.
  8. You must enter at least two items of information: Your Username which is your Handle; and/or your Credit Card Number; and/or the e-mail address currently registered for you at
  9. But second, and more assertively, they examine the extremely diverse ways in which ontological insecurity is generated and overcome.
  10. The general principle on which the instruments for working long submarine cables are based is to make the moving parts very light and perfectly free to follow the comparatively slow rise and fall of the impulses or electric waves.
  11. Travelers who decide which form of currency to use face several considerations.
  12. The agency made sure that the renovation did not affect the original environment of the palace in which the king lived.
  13. Pointed towards the ceiling, through which you could hear the steady drumming of the rain.
  14. Unfairly, Redditch has been described as the most boring city in Britain, which produces the most boring postcards.
  15. As a child she sang in the choir of the church at which her father preached.
  16. Etana released the eagle, which in gratitude carried its rescuer heavenward.
  17. Near them was a desert full of gold-dust, which griffins guarded.
  18. Marriage is the means by which the affinal type of kinship group is formed.
  19. Root your cuttings in a peat and sand mixture which should always be kept moist.
  20. It happened one summer, when Rollo was between seven and eight years of age, that there was a vacation at the school which he was attending at that time.

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