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*** Dove’s early “abstractions,” such as Pagan Philosophy (1913; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York), were followed by more representational works in the 1920’s.

*** Her collected works were published in two volumes by her niece, Lucy Aikin, in 1825.

*** Three incomplete novels, his major works, were published posthumously, against his wishes, by his friend Max Brod: Der Prozess (1925; Eng. tr. The Trial, 1937); Das Schloss (1926; Eng. tr. The Castle, 1930) ; and Amerika (1927; Eng. tr. America, 1938).

*** All the early Irish setters were red and white.

*** Some of the constitutional reforms that he proposed before World War II were adopted by the Fifth Republic.

*** They were eloquent, and possessed a keen and bitter wit rather than outstanding originality of thought.

*** The temperature of the coils and the velocity of the airflow were balanced to maintain the desirable humidity for the printing process.

*** There were magnificent views of the surroundings.

*** If there were a collapse of law and order, the army might be tempted to intervene.

*** More than a hundred pottery sherds were recovered from the wall.

*** We were in a tin cup on top of a broken wall?

*** The samples were analyzed by XRD and SEM.

*** At the beginning of the 20th century, attitudes and the environment of many foreign offices were changing quite rapidly.

*** These were the first long journeys that were not marked by the scourge scourge.

*** A landslide also blocked the Cedar River southeast of Seattle, he said, and officials were considering evacuating residents from the area.

*** Some panels of the fence were missing.

** The boxes were made of heavy bolted metal panels.

*** Batteries for torches were recharged from the wind generator and solar panels, as was the radio battery.

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